Made with LED. Made for enclosure. Meet the FLL series lamps.

We are proud to present the FLL series of LED lights made for specific use in electrical box, enclosures and panels. We developed a new series of energy-efficient, easy-to-mount LED lamps for panels and electrical enclosures. Our LED lamps are built to ensure the ideal view conditions during inspection work. They also allow good lighting during the maintenance in electrical cabinets.


LED lights for enclosures can ensure long service life and low maintenance, thanks to our durable LED technology.


Automatic turn LED light on and off, thanks to special motion-sensor technology.


Our LED lamps can be mounted through standard screw or with magnetic fastening for metal surfaces (optional).


Featured with simple cage clamp or Wieland connection. Our LED lights allow multiple connection, up to 10 units.


Thanks to the adjustable light beam, our LED lamps can direct light to an angle of 40° per side, to reach any spot of electrical enclosure.


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Enclosure Lamps:
Technical data on installation

With its 40 built-in LEDs, the Fandis light offers a high luminance degree in cabinets or electrical enclosure.

The sleek design is ideal for low space applications, or in cabinets. Our LED lights are ideal for cabinets and enclosures requiring greater versatility of installation and safe operation of any internal device.

The new FLL series meets all installation requirements, with standard screws or (optional) magnetic mount, for easier placement on metal surfaces.

The innovative orientation system, in the lamp body, also allows the product to rotate in six different positions, with a maximum angle of 40° per side, to better distribute the luminous beam, according to the usage situation.

Enclosure LED lights:
Technical data of operation

The FLL LED light for enclosures and cabinets comes with multi-voltage, or with one of the following power supply voltage range:

  • 115V - 230V A.C.
  • 12V - 48V D.C.
  • 24V A.C. / D.C.

To simplify and extend the connection possibilities, enclosure LED lights uses a cage clamp on both sides or Wieland connector. This technology allow fast wiring, without any tool, and the possibility of connecting series of multiple lamps (up to 10 units).

The lamp can be switched on with the “ON / OFF switch”, or via PIR sensor, that senses movement with a 120° radius. Movement sensor switch on LED lights and automatically turn off after some minutes if it does not detect any presence.

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